Star Smith

Joining The Party

As I was sitting at the bar drinking my beer and cleaning my gun, someone walks into the bar. It’s that asshole of a pirate Gundar. He comes in with 2 Weres hoping to sell them to the highest bidder. But an Obifex that followed him off ship has other plans. He tosses one of the Weres some meat and points at Gundar. The Were immediately jumps on Gundar and tears him apart. Then quickly finishes the other 2 guards. “Anyone else wanna come along while we liberate some pirates?” The Obifex calls out to the bar. Deciding I have nothing better to do I get up to join them and see another man join too. One of the robots that was sitting at the bar also joined. We go back and Gundar’s ship and loot it before taking it to a close colony to stock up on supplies before attacking a pirate base.



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