Star Smith

The Adventure Begins

My slave ship has finally docked. My captors shout orders, bringing out some of the larger slaves. I see them take out a large robot, as well as two Were. They decide to leave me in my cell, I don’t blame them, I’ve caused plenty of problems in the past. They only leave two guards on the ship, fools. I remotely activate VĂ©lmenni, my repair bot. He comes over and burns through the lock. I silently exit my cell and go over to the nearest access panel to shut down the power.

I’ve been planning this moment for a long time; I know exactly where to go. menni makes some noise and the guards come rushing. They enter the airlock with me on the non-dock side. The lock slams behind them and they realize they’ve made a mistake. I open the outer lock and we all go sailing towards space. Just before I reach the door I jerk to a stop, the coil I’ve tied myself to going taught. I hear them shout at me through their masks as they sail past. The masks will protect them from the lesser atmosphere, but they are going to have a hard time going anywhere without gravity.

I close the airlock and make my way to the dock. As I step onto the magnetic pier I appraise my location. Asteriod, C-Type, Black Chill Asteriod Belt, Bar called The Holy Comet. I glance at the large cross hung up above the doorway; the remnant of old Earth religion amuses me, though this place certainly is not “holy”. I make my way to the bar. As I approach I notice the slight sounds of a struggle, the sounds carry to mechanically improved hearing."

I open the door. One of the Were’s barrel over to me, knocking down a pirate on the way. I remember giving him my steak once, I don’t need much in the way of sustenance. The beneficence must have stuck. Seeing all the pirates on the ground, a thought occurs to me. There’s a lot of material on that ship to experiment with, but eventually I’ll run out. I activate my speaker.

“Any solitary beings in the accommodation, if you have the desire for wealth and exigency, please accompany me.”

I proceed to walk back out to the slave ship.

-Seraph Rune
Architect of Automatology



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