Most believe the Universe began with Aedifex. It is he who made the rules. Physics, mass, energy: these are his domain. Some believe he exists outside the universe, others claim he died in its making, still others believe the universe is his body. Agreed upon is the fact he had seven children.

Each child had inspirations and competitions. One day when they were all deciding on who was the best, they created a competition: Who can create the most beautiful star system. They crafted the materials their father had given them, and the seven systems were born.

Most of the galaxy worships many gods at shrines all across the galaxy. Here is a list of all the Dieties.

Major Gods

1. Fryl, the Goddess of Sex and The Sea
2. Noumra, the Goddess of the Stars and Justice
3. Koukyao, the God of Inspiration
4. Shemi, the Goddess of the Sun and Beauty
5. Adan, the God of Science, and Knowledge
6. Shealln, the God of Fire and Strife,
7. Reatherra, the Goddess of Life
8. Taeylia, the Goddess of Fear
9. Naily, the God of Dreams and Prophecy
10. Taer, the God of Shadows, and Chaos
11. Fyndro, the God of Death
12. Erouifla, the Goddess of Wrath

Minor Gods
1. Ilatoh, the God of Creation
2. Iloussro, the God of the Sky, and the Wind
3. C’n, the God of The Forge
4 Teatruales, the God of Archery
5. Adall, the God of War
6. Flearicn, the Goddess of Nature
7. Das, the Goddess of Fate, and Solstices
8. Atain, the God of Purity
9. Theos, the God of SWAG
10. Niven, the Goddess of Planets
11. Flotor, the Goddess of Youth,
12. Berix, the God of Day and Night
13. Naes, the God of Fog, and Trickery
14. Jekl, the Goddess of Marriage and Oaths


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